Best for fast cooking. Solar Parabolic Cooker dia 1.4 mtr. Designed for Comercial and domestic Use. Heavy and sturdy construction to withstand the heavy wind speed. High quality reflective material. Castor wheel arrangement for easy moving. Capacity 15 people at time. Bottom of the cooker coated with high thermal absorbing coating. Manual Tracking. Export Quality workmanship. Powder coated support structure attractive look. Its performance is better from simple solar box cooker. Ideal design for any region of the world. Cooking at higher temperature. Attention required.

Application: It can be used for backing, boiling, cooking and frying also. This can be used for cooking in domestic as well as industrial canteens, hostels, hotels, restaurants, Ashram , Dharam shala, Orphanage, Old age etc. commercial places

Solar Parabolic Cooker

  • Parabolic (Dish) shaped solar cooker cooks food within 15 to 60 minutes.
  • Food is cooked in Pressure Cooker, Metal Bowl or in any cooking vessel.
  • We can boil, roast, bake, fry and dry any food.
  • Dish Cooker prepares Lunch and Dinner for 5 to 15 persons.
  • Daily regular usage saves 8 to 10 LPG cylinders per year.




Solar Cooker-Box Type is acknowledged by clients for its features like glossy finish, energy efficiency, minimal maintenance, eco-friendly nature and longer life.

Solar cooking is one of the simplest, safest and most convenient way of cooking food without consuming any fuels or using an power or electricity. Box type solar cooker consists of a box and a reflector fitted lid. The Cooking utensils are placed in a closed insulated enclosure where they get heated up to 80 ? C which is enough for a proper cooking of food. Due to gradual cooking process, the essential vitamins are retained and the food is not damaged which might be the case due to excessive heating. Apparently conventional energy is saved and we get the same healthy and tasty food.